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"'The Natural Advantage of Nations' promises to be a work of inspiring impact, bringing together as it does leading thinkers from business, economics, technology, innovation and the environment to tackle the major challenge of the 21st Century - sustainability."
Dr Steve Morton, Group Chair, Environment and Natural Resources, CSIRO



PRESS RELEASE: Young Australians Rewarded for Environmental Leadership


PRESS RELEASE: Engineering Sustainable Solutions - Young Engineers Rewarded

(Featured in Waste Streams Magazine)

PRESS RELEASE: Whole of Society Approach a Winner at this Year’s Banksia Awards





"It brings us great pleasure to announce that The Natural Edge Project

is a WINNER in the 2005 Banksia Awards!"

TNEP has won the 'Environmental Leadership, Education and Training' category, having submitted The Natural Advantage of Nations publication and the Engineering Sustainable Solutions Program developed in partnership with a range of leaders in the field. TNEP has many Partners and Supporters to thank for making these initiatives a reality, in particular our Foundation Partners, Engineers Australia, CSIRO, RMIT Global Sustainability, Izilla (for our website), The Barton Group and Environment Business Australia. This award is for all our supporters for having the courage to mentor our team, provide both financial and in-kind support and most importantly to support a group of youngsters with big ideas.


TNEP would like to especially thank The Institution of Engineers Australia's Environmental College for providing the grant to develop the 'Engineering Sustainable Solutions Program - Introductory Module' and providing expert peer review and mentoring throughout the process. A special thank you to Martin Dwyer, Tim Macoun, Doug Jones, Terrence Jeyaretnam, Julie Armstrong and the review panel Trevor Daniell, Thomas Brinsmead and David Hood for their continued support in developing further material and training hereon.

TNEP is currently working with Engineers Australia (through the Environmental Engineering College and the Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineers) and the Natural Sciences sector of UNESCO to deliver Level 1 and 2 of the program and has recently received a grant from the Department of Environment and Heritage to develop parts of Level 3.


The next training program TNEP will be develop will be the 'Sustainable Business Practice Program' based on the Sustainability Helix as described in Chapter 10 of 'The Natural Advantage of Nations'.

Category 11 : Environmental Leadership Education and Training

Awarded to an individual, group, organisation, school, tertiary institution or business for leadership in the development and/or delivery of educational programs that provide individuals or groups the tools to integrate sustainable practices into their work place or day-to-day life.

2005 Finalists;

Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative - VIC / NSW
The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) builds sustainable school communities by implementing a whole-school environmental learning and management plan. AuSSI has been piloted successfully in 338 NSW and Victorian schools and was funded by the Federal Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH) with significant funding from state environmental agencies and Education Departments

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Clearwater Program - VIC
Clearwater is an innovative capacity building program, challenging traditional approaches to water management, engaging a diverse audience and recognised as a key agent in achieving cultural change in urban water management. Clearwater is a joint initiative of the Municipal Association of Victoria and Stormwater Industry Association of Victoria in partnership with EPA Victoria and Melbourne Water. (for more information on Clearwater Program -

Ecospecifier - QLD
Ecospecifier is Australias defacto platform for eco materials assessment. Delivered via an on-line database and educational knowledge-base of eco and health-preferable building materials and technologies, the service educates a nation-wide, building-industry-deep target audience on how to design buildings, interiors and surrounds using environmentally preferable products available in Australia.

(for mroe information on Ecospecifier -

GreenPlumbers®  - The New Generation Plumber - VIC

GreenPlumbers®  has provided training and accreditation to over 3000 plumbing practitioners over the past 4 years, representing more than 1,150 GreenPlumbers®  businesses across Australia.  The GreenPlumbers®  training programs give plumbing practitioners the knowledge to provide their customers with up-to-date information and advice on the latest technology for creating sustainable communities.

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Houses of the Future - NSW
Houses of the Future is an innovative public exhibition providing a significant learning experience at all levels. It highlights renewable energy, nanotechnology, recycled water, natural light, ventilation, recycled materials, water and energy conservation. This important educational exhibition pushes sustainable design boundaries and challenges us to imagine a more sustainable future.

(for more information - and

It's Fun, It's Science, It Helps the Environment - VIC
Origin Energys Home Energy Project brings the classroom to life for students through practical activities based on their own lives. It teaches them how to save money, energy and the environment and in the process gives them tools to make positive behavioural changes that cascade to their families and communities. In essence it makes young people conscious energy consumers and protectors of the environment for life.

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Sustainability Begins at Home NSW
Wollongongs Sustainability Begins at Home program is one of the first in Australia to link council, state government agencies, business and people in sharing ideas to achieve sustainable outcomes at the household level, on a city-wide scale.  The program brought home the range of issues, solutions and incentives, energy and water conservation options as well as tips on locating sustainable products and services.

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The Natural Advantage of Nations - Book and Training Initiatives - SA - WINNER
The Natural Edge Project, driven by a small group of young Australian engineers and scientists, has recently released The Natural Advantage of Nations , an internationally supported and comprehensive publication to assist whole nations in moving towards sustainability. Based on this publication, a number of unique educational programs have been developed to assist engineers, business people and policy makers in delivering truly sustainable solutions for Australia.