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"There is no question that sustainable development and its related issues is one of the most important agendas facing every Australian."
Paul Anderson, BHP Billiton




Past Member (2007) Renee Stephens - Project Officer/Associate Director

Renee Stephens was employed by The Natural Edge Project from January to November 2007 as a Project Officer and was invited to undertake the role of an Associate Director. In November 2007 Renee accepted a position with the consulting firm 'Chenoweth Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture'.

In her role with TNEP Renee acted as the Office Manager for the first three months to lead the transfer of administrative hosting from Engineers Australia to Griffith University. Renee excelled in this role and required minimum supervision as she worked on a range of tasks including office management, learning new protocols, setting up systems, developing a number of administrative protocols, and providing the team with logistics support. Following this three month period Renee managed the new office manager.


As a project officer Renee undertook the following activities;

- The development of five of the thirty industry training lectures, under the supervision of the TNEP Research Coordinator, as part of the Sustainable Energy Solutions Portfolio, developed by TNEP in partnership with the CSIRO and the National Framework for Energy Efficiency.

- Assisted the development of a University Questionnaire, under the supervision of the TNEP Education Coordinator, to survey engineering schools in Australia developed by TNEP in partnership with the National Framework for Energy Efficiency, to support the Sustainable Energy Solutions Portfolio. This included initial drafting of the survey, managing the mail out process and making initial contact with the recipients.

- Assisted in the conception of and then led the development of the literature review and publication brief, under the supervision of the TNEP Project Coordinator, to initiate the development of a new TNEP project to develop a Primer Series for Sustainable Design Charrettes. In addition Renee delivered two presentations on the project and lead liaisons with a number of partners and potential sponsors.

- The development of the literature review and draft project report, under the supervision of the TNEP Project Coordinator, to initiate the development of a research project by TNEP with the Townsville City Council to support a 'Community Based Social Marketing' project focused on energy-efficiency and solar energy as part of the Townsville Solar City Project. This included a number of visits to work directly with the project team in Townsville.

- Assisted in the delivery of the Principles and Practices of Sustainable Development course at Griffith University in Semester 2 of 2007 as a complete second year course for Environmental Engineering students. Specifically Renee supervised and assessed the student workshop presentations and delivered a number of lectures.

- Assisted the development of course outlines for two courses currently under development by TNEP with University of South Australia Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design the as part of the Master of Sustainable Design program.

- Assumed the role of the TNEP Representative on The Australian Council of Built Environment Design Professions (BEDP) Environmental Design Guide Editorial Board. This position rotates among TNEP members.

- Provided review of material developed as part of the Whole System Design Suite,

- Undertook a range of graphics design related activities ranging from 'cleaning' up diagrams to be used in education material, designing potential covers for books and many of the images and logos used on the website.