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"I think the secret to their (The Natural Edge Project) success is that they tell the truth while backing it with cold, hard facts. Also, they propose solutions which are practical, realistic and more importantly allow people to make money. Being largely comprised of engineers they are very much interested in innovation and re-design of processes rather than band aid solutions which don't really work."
Marc Brunet-Watson, Senior Engineer, Transend Networks


TNEP Magazine Articles

ECOS – Science for a Sustainable Future (CSIRO)

TNEP is a regular contributer to the CSIRO ECOS Magazine. Ecos provides accurate, easy-to-read information on leading-edge environmental research. It's an invaluable resource for every school, government and community library, science journalists, planners, environmentalists and students.

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ECOS Issue 158
December 2010

Skilling up for a low carbon future

ECOS Issue 155
July 2010

Growing more sustainable communities

ECOS Issue 152
December-January 2010

Water solutions adapted for climate change pp. 10-11

ECOS Issue 149
June-July 2009

Factor 5 in eco-cement: Zeobond Pty Ltd p. 21

ECOS Issue 146
December-January 2009

Time to unleash the power of a green economy pp. 26-27

ECOS Issue 139
October- November 2007

Energy superpower – or sustainable energy leader? pp. 20-23 (Cover Article)

ECOS Issue 137
June - July 2007

Improving performances in the boardroom pp. 26-27

ECOS Issue 136
April - May 2007

Climate leaders: the new corporate standards pp. 27-29


ECOS Issue 135
February - March 2007

Smart approaches to electricity use pp. 12-13

ECOS Issue 134
December - January 2007

The Gore Factor - Reviewing the impact of An Inconvenient Truth pp. 16-17 (Cover Article)

ECOS Issue 132
August - September 2006

$uper powers - How investment funds could be driving progress in an emerging 'sustainability' economy pp. 24-28 (Cover Article)

Plantation, paper and milling show how it’s done p. 29

ECOS Issue 129
February - March 2006

Wood - Another low carbon footprint solution pp. 12-13

Innovation inspired by nature -Biomimicry pp. 27-29 (Cover Article)

ECOS Issue 128
December - January 2006

The first cuts must be the deepest pp. 8-11

ECOS Issue 124

April - May 2005

Review – Young Australians write the way ahead p.31

Ecos Issue 117

October - December 2003

Building beautifully p.25

Ecos Issue 115

April - June 2003

Engineering a Sustainable Future p.11