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"A must read (The Natural Advantage of Nations) for anyone serious about understanding the global phenonomen and trend of sustainable development."
Karen Wan, GreenPlants Program Director, Chicago Manufacturing Center

TNEP Keynote Partners - Janis Birkeland

The Natural Edge Project partners with a range of international keynotes and leading actors in sustainble development to assist with the delivery of training sessions, keynote lectures and workshops.

Janis Birkeland was an artist and architect before becoming an urban designer and city planner with the City of San Francisco. Janis later became an attorney, with a focus on environmental law and planning. She is now a fellow at the Australian National University having lived and worked in Australia for many years, and is a director of Sustainability Science Team Pty Ltd, a research consultancy. Janis has held senior positions in urban design, land use planning, advocacy planning, architecture and environmental education. She taught architecture in Tasmania and then at the University of Canberra (1992 -2000), where she later started a suite of postgraduate courses in sustainable systems.

Janis served as senior environmental education officer for Environment Australia. Her qualifications include a PhD in environmental planning, management and governance, a Juris Doctor (law), MA Architecture, and BA in Fine Arts. Janis has recently published "Design for Sustainability" internationally.

Working with partners, The Australian Green Development Forum and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, TNEP has had the pleasure of spending an evening with leaders in the field of green buildings and development.



14 Oct 2004: An Evening with Janis Birkeland - Eco-innovation and Sustainable Development - The Next Steps, in partnership with the Australian Green Development Forum and the Royal Australian Institute for Architects.


15 Oct 2004: A Morning with Dr Janis Birkeland - Engaging Staff & Students through Sustainability & Eco-Innovation, in partnership with Griffith University