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"Among the stewards of our country's future, our young leaders are setting the pace to achieve a sustainable future."
Dr Peter Greenwood, President Engineers Australia 2001/03

TNEP Keynote Partners - Mick Pearce

The Natural Edge Project partners with a range of international keynotes and leading actors in sustainble development to assist with the delivery of training sessions, keynote lectures and workshops.

Michael (Mick) Pearce has been working in Zimbabwe and Zambia for 33 years and is currently working in Australia as the lead design architect for CH2 in Melbourne - a visionary new building promising to change forever the way the world approaches ecologically sustainable design. His experience covers a wide range from building in remote parts of Central Africa to converting old buildings in north east England and large-scale city developments in Harare, Zimbabwe. Mick was directly responsible for the design and supervision of the Eastgate building in Harare (famous for its termite mound emulation).

8 Jun 2005: An Evening with Mick Pearce- Green Buildings, Business Opportunities and achieving a Natural Advantage, in partnership with the TNEP Australian Green Development Forum and the Royal Australian Institute for Architects.

8 Jun 2005: TNEP is supporting the Griffith University, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Sustainability Forum with Mick Pearce as the Keynote.