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Reducing the environmental cost of Air Travel with Ergon Energy  



Creative partnership to reduce the environmental cost of air travel

With air travel one of the fastest growing contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, a group of globe-trotting young Australian sustainability leaders have forged a partnership to come up with a way to do business without adding to global warming.

Sustainability think tank The Natural Edge Project has teamed up with Ergon Energy to offset their team’s projected greenhouse gas emissions from air travel during 2006.

The Natural Edge Project is a not for profit think-tank that produces books, education programs, strategies and tools to help government, universities and business achieve their sustainability goals.

Ergon Energy Retail Chief Operating Officer Kate Skilleter said the group wanted a way to offset an estimated 100 tonnes of greenhouse gas generated as they travelled around the country and the world doing business.

“Air travel is an integral part of the globalised world and an increasing source of greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s also one factor that organisations can address easily to make an environmental difference,” Ms Skilleter said.

“In this case, The Natural Edge Project team has supplied Ergon Energy with an estimate of their air travel miles for 2006. We have used this to calculate the approximate amount of greenhouse gas generated by their travel, and bought enough green energy to offset the emissions.”

“The end result is that the group’s air travel for 2006 produces no net carbon dioxide emissions.”

Natural Edge Project Coordinator Charlie Hargroves welcomed Ergon Energy’s support.

“As an organisation we limit the air travel we undertake as much as we can, however for the trips we decide to take we look for ways to minimise the environmental damage. As there are limited options for alternative forms of air travel the next best thing is to offset the emissions.”

“Collaborating with Ergon Energy allows us to demonstrate yet another way organisations can actively cooperate to create a sustainable society,” Mr Hargroves said.

“I hope that our partnership with Ergon Energy inspires other organisations to consider how they can also contribute to a sustainable future by taking responsibility for their operations,” he said.

Ms Skilleter said the partnership was part of Ergon Energy’s commitment to becoming the most environmentally responsible energy retailer in Australia.

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