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"'I think it's a great project and I wish it every success'

David Suzuki, scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster


The Natural Edge Project (TNEP) is a collaborative partnership for research, education, policy development, and strategy for sustainable development.

TNEP's mission is to contribute to, and succinctly communicate, leading research, case studies, tools and strategies for achieving sustainable development across government, business and civil society.

The project is driven by a team of early career Australians who receive mentoring and support from a number of experts and leading organisations around the world.

Based in various Australian cities the team members are hosted and mentored by a number of Universities including Griffith University, Adelaide University, QUT, and Curtin University, after being incubated by The Institution of Engineers Australia.


Imagine... if organisations could improve their performance while being planetary caretakers...

Imagine... if national economies could grow and prosper while contributing positively to society and the environment...

TNEP is about working towards making these possibilities a reality - using lessons from the last 30 years to ensure the next 30 make our children proud. 

Welcome to our website - we hope that you find something of use and look forward to collaborating in the future!